dsm Magazine: Advisors and Navigators

Thank you to dsm Magazine for inviting me to photograph these lovely humans. Below are my published photos and comments on my participation in the project:

Out of all the beauty in the world, I find myself most passionate about photographing relationships. Being a photographer allows me to bear witness to people's unique interactions. One of my greatest joys is capturing those moments in a real and authentic way. 


I found photographing the mentor/mentee relationships particularly compelling. Since returning back to Des Moines this year to start my own business, I've experienced so many small and large kindnesses from the greater Des Moines community. The mentor mentality appears deeply ingrained in the culture of our strong city. I am awed by the generations before me, who lead Des Moines into the thriving urban center we now take so much pride in. I've observed and benefited from the selflessness with which Des Moines' mentors share their diverse knowledge. The duos and trio photographed for this piece are nothing short of impressive together and separately. Each grouping presented an engaging personal history, filled with mutual respect and admiration for each other's impressive qualities. Hearing their stories, capturing their moments and honoring each or their relationships was truly inspiring.