Home Coming: The Top 5 Reasons I LOVE DSM.

Hello all! 

First of all, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in my big life transition. There are so many people in Rochester, NY, Des Moines, IA, and cities far and wide who supported me in making this relocation dream come true. 

I've been back in DSM for a little over a month and I have to say, I'm astounded. The support I received upon my arrival was more then I ever could have anticipated. I'm so grateful and I feel compelled to gush. So here it is - my top five reasons I'm ecstatic to be back in DSM! 

4. Open and inclusive attitude: I am overwhelmed by the resounding "YES" I've received when inviting people for coffee. Community leaders are thrilled to take time out of their day to enjoy a conversation with this young entrepreneur. Wedding vendors with well established creditability and awesome work ethic have instantly accepted me into their inner circles. Countless strong and impressive young women in the community have taken me under their wing as friends and confidants.  I am truly honored and thrilled to be part of these ever growing and inclusive circles of strength. 

3. Gorgeous places to shoot, be entertained and be enthralled: The change in Des Moines from when I was a high schooler to now is beyond comprehension. I am so proud of my town, even though I can't take any credit for this transformation. I look forward to being a positive influence in this community in the years to come. 



2. Impressive female leaders making a difference in Des Moines: Now this might truly be one of the most engaging points this community offers me. Everywhere I turn, I see women making real, measurable changes in our local and global community. I see these women reaching out and offering a supportive hand, getting down and dirty for conservation issues and stepping up to the capital to speak their mind. I am honored to join your ranks. Thank you for leading the way.

1. Family: I lived in Rochester, NY for seven years. That was seven years of texting, FaceTime, extended weekend visits and treasured Christmas vacations with the people I love most. I have to be honest, I forgot what it was like to have my family around. I forgot what it meant to be able to call on them ANYTIME, for ANYTHING. Being here, surround by these people is the best thing about Des Moines.