Table 128: Fall Menu Reveal

I sat at the bar at Table 128 enjoying the company of owner Sarah Pritchard after our Wednesdays with Whitney session. I watched a full house arrive for lunch. Everyone who passed the hostess counter on the way to their table grabbed a famous chocolate chip cookie with sea salt, an aperatif to the delicious lunch to come. These cookies, along with amazing food and warm, responsive service are trademarks of this local West Des Moines resturant.


This winter, Table 128 catered the grand opening and one year anniversary of my business. Sarah showed up at my door with trays of delicious, pipping hot food and a smile, ready to serve in any way she could. I had fully expected her to drop off the food and head to her next event. This is the only time I would underestimate Sarah and Lynn’s immense call to host and help. Sarah stayed at the opening, pouring wine and greeting guests, making sure the trays were filled and details weren’t dropped. Her presence made that party a true success.


I desperately wanted to return the favor of hospitality to the Table 128 team and months later, I was finally able to convince Sarah and Lynn it was time for updated headshots. Like so many of my clients, they bulked. Excuses like, “I don’t photograph well,” were spoken aloud. But I am known to be very convincing and finally got this dynamic duo in front of the camera. Of course, the photos were just as beautiful as they are. Their love of people, food and wine, and each other stand out in every image. 


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing the new Fall Menu. The smells and views laid before me were impeccable. I loved capturing the beautiful food, lovingly prepared by amazing people. I personally got to sample the Scallops, Cured Zucchini and Sweet Potato Panna Cotta. Every bite was an experience. The scallops were seared to perfection, laid over a nutty wheat berry concoction that had me singing praises to the fall weather. The cured zucchini had me begging for the recipe. How the heck does a person make a zucchini taste THAT GOOD? I sat protesting as the panna cotta was served with hot coffee. How could I possibly eat another bite?!  But of course, it was rich, creamy and just the right amount of sweet. I polished off the whole dish without hesitation. It was a perfect example of another amazing meal at Table 128.