Albums are Forever: The Lachants

I make wedding albums for my couples. The creative and collaborative process it takes to craft an heirloom of this caliber speaks to the heart of who I am as a photographer. It also speaks to the relationships I build with my clients. I am accountable for delivering a memento that will stand the test of time. The Lachants were the perfect couple to share this journey with. Kind, easy going and always up for a laugh. Thank you Jamie and Dan for sharing the story of your best day ever.

- Watch the video of Jamie and Dan's album unveiling! 

"Our wedding album is amazing!!  It is such a wonderful composition of the highlights and incredible photographs from our big day. I am so excited that we will have it always. Our photos captured every moment beautifully and looking through the album reminds me of all the happy memories and fun times. I knew Whitney would produce an artistic, elegant and expertly curated account of our wedding, and I was definitely not disappointed.  She did not miss a single detail and I could not have asked for a better person to guide us through the process.  Everyone who has seen the album absolutely loved it and many have teared up!  It truly is the perfect keepsake of the best day ever and certainly something we will treasure our entire lives!"

- Jamie Lachant, Bride 2015

Capturing Your Always: The Lovely Langs

One of the greatest honors as a photographer is being able to watch families come together and grow. Nick and Allie have created a beautiful family that exudes happiness and gratitude. It has been a pleasure to get to know them individually and as a unit. Below, Allie share's a few words on her journey as a wife and mother. Thank you both for allowing me into your home and hearts.

"I feel as though when I became a mother, the world began spinning faster. Days, weeks, and months fly by so much more quickly than they did before. This new fast-paced way of life has not been easy on me with my slow and steady, sentimental nature. I find myself grasping at all of these new, little moments, trying to commit them to memory. Having a family photographer in Whitney has allowed me to freeze and capture the most important moments in the lives of my ever-changing family. 

When we decided to get married, Nick and I did not want a big, complicated event. We chose a more intimate setting and only invited our closest family members to witness our vows. It was important to us that our wedding photos be able to capture not only the actual event, but also the emotion and beauty of each moment and that is exactly what we found in the work that Whitney did for us. She was able to make us and our family members comfortable in front of the camera with her encouragement and simple direction and was in turn able to obtain some very beautiful and meaningful photographs. Not only have our family and friends complimented our photos, but I feel that they have been able to experience our wedding through them as well."


"Not long after our wedding, we welcomed Miles into our family. Those first few weeks home were spent learning about him, as well as discovering who we were now as parents. That time in my memory is a blur of feeding, rocking, swaddling, and catching sleep while we could. It was in the middle of all this that Whitney was able to capture another set of photographs for us. The morning she arrived at our house, we felt tired and disorganized and I was still having trouble finding clothes that fit correctly. I know I wondered to myself once or twice while Miles cried and we needed to take nursing breaks if maybe we should’ve done this a different time. Whitney was once again a positive and encouraging presence. Viewing those photos now, I am so grateful for them. They depict our little family at a time that we could never recreate. I look back at them in awe of how tiny and new Miles was. And even as we were overwhelmed by our new responsibilities, those photos allow me to tangibly remember how overwhelmed by love we were as well."


"Miles managed to grow from that tiny newborn to a smiling, babbling, crawling baby overnight. I can and have tried to document his amazing growth through taking a million and one cell phone pictures. However, not only do these do little justice to the fullness of his personality, but my husband and I are more often than not absent from them. And in truth, as much as our baby has changed each month, so have we grown and evolved right along with him. We had another set of photos done just after Miles turned six months old. It was a brisk Fall morning when we got to the park, but Whitney was ready to go and quickly found a great area to use as our backdrop. I can’t imagine that it’s easy to pull together two adults, a distractible baby, and an anxious dog to form a cohesive image, but Whitney managed it easily and we were out of the cold and back in the warm car faster than I would have ever expected. As I have now come to expect, we loved these photographs as well. With a family photographer, we have gained the unique perspective of documenting how our family has grown together."


"The images we have received from Whitney have been beautiful. They are something I know that we will treasure for many years. Not only do they document the important moments of our lives, but they have also been displayed as art in our home. I love that I can walk into our bedroom and be reminded of the promises and anticipation of our wedding day or look up at the living room wall to see the family we have become. Thanks Whitney!"